Monday, February 27, 2012

Great True Love Waits 2012 Marriage Proposal

February 24, 2012, was really a very awesome Friday, it was dad's 65th Birthday. Also, the schedule of church's True Love Waits (TLW) Concert, a Post Valentine presentation every second month of the year. It was really a very hectic day for me, I had so much task to be done in relation to my work and had to finish all the bookmarks and chastity covenant card for the concert. When the bell rang on 5:00P.M, I really hurried off my work and went to church to witness the TLW Concert entitled "Love on Trial" which is scheduled on 5:00 P.M.

I arrived in church at around 6:30 and the program have already started. Since it was dad's birthday, I have to leave early and must be home by 8:00. Hence, I informed my fellow believers in Christ that I must go home early. And it worried them knowing that I am already about to leave. So they hurried to our Youth pastor, Reverend "John" Fancubit, informing him that I'm leaving. Thus,Pastor John searched for me and requested me to stay and to wait for the concert to end. He said that we have some matters to discuss. So as an obedient one, I stayed and decided to wait until the program will end. However, before the concert ended, a great surprise awaited me.

When my bestbro Josh, called Pastor John to bring the evidence of the one who believes in True Love Waits; Pastor John went to my seat and brought me on the stage. Questions and questions filled me, I don't know what was going on then. "Why am I here? Why did Pastor John brought me here in front of the audience? What's my part in here? What am I to do? What's going on?..."

Slowly then Genesis came over the stage holding a ring with a Jade pendant on it. Then my tears started flowing like rain because of the great adrenaline felt. Genesis knelt down in front of me and said this breath-taking line? "...Will You Marry Me?" (With the audience cheering...) To my great surprise and great joy and happiness, I can't find the words to say! Even my tongue got tied up and my voice was lost. Felt like I became mute. When I answered "Yes,..." then finally I was able to breathe again and it made me realized that my chubby was proposing. I felt like I'm dreaming and floating in the clouds. :) Then it came to my understanding that my sisters and brothers in church prepared that great surprise for me. And I am now engaged with Mr. Genesis Rufino.

I really Praise God for what had happened and thank God for those who planned and did the great surprise. To God be all the Glory!


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Emzkie said...

wow that is so sweet!!! =)

maricon dumaguing said...

Hi ate Emz... was really so sweet...