Saturday, February 18, 2012

TSMS-Draw Me Close To You

The song really comforted and reminded me how blessed I am that I have Jesus in my life. He's all I really want... He's all I ever needed...Have Him also in your heart. It was really so sweet singing this song during our devotion just this afternoon before we started our practice for tomorrow's service.
It was so refreshing. SOUL REFRESHING! Hope you will also experience how sweet God is( if ever you haven't experienced it being touched by God).

I was so thankful that God promoted me as Executive Secretary of the Administration Director, from being the Secretary of the Procurement Unit head and as the BAC Secretariat In-charge of the University where I am employed. And our Pastor's wife, Ate Mila Udang was the one who handled the Bible Study on the group I'm handling.

But I do really have mixed emotions. Just yesterday when I checked my ATM at UnionBank and made a withdrawal for a certain amount, the machine didn't dispense any money. It stated there " 0 " dispensed. Sadly, when I inquired for my balance, I was so startled to know that the amount I was trying to withdraw was already deducted. I was so disappointed with Unionbank's ATM now, VERY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED. This was my third disappointing experience from their machine. Before, I just considered it since there machines were old already or shall I say obsolete. But now, they have their new sets of machines and new system, however it has frustrated me more. All I can do was sigh. I will not lose hope. I'll be able to get my salary back by faith. I'll just file a complaint about the incident on monday. Hope it will not take any longer to return my cash, because on February 24 will be my dad's 65th Birthday. But that incident will not hinder and stop me from thanking God.

I don't know your situation right now, but just ask God to touch you and let Him dwell in your heart. :) Remember, JESUS really loves you so much that he even offer His life for me and you. GOD bless you all and take care!

Happy TSMS!


~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Nice! Amen! Happy Saturday!

maricon dumaguing said...

Thank you kim...:)

Madonna said...

what a sweet and wonderful song Thanks for sharing