Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful that I'm Blessed by God to Have Them!

I don't have a brother or a sister genetically or by blood but God blessed me with brothers and sisters by heart. Behind me is my fiance; Genesis together with his family.

Even though I'm having a great and challenging living as a career woman, I'm always thankful to the Great "I am" above. What makes it tough? Is that I'm reporting for duty in my new workplace for five weeks already, with a boss that has a great difference of character with my previous boss, and was really tough. Now, I'm still adjusting and adapting to his approach as a boss. Every minute, every moment I become more of an intercessor. Praying and interceding that everything in my work will flow smoothly and that my boss is in good and bright mood. However, by God's Grace I was able to face, stand and accomplish every task assigned to me with gladness and thankfulness.

But what makes me more so thankful to Him? Is that I have my family that supports and encourages me every time things and situations are not going well in my workplace. Plus an additional ["++"] inspiration and support given by my chubby Genesis' family; the Rufino's...

To God be all the Glory.

Gladly sharing my Thankful Thursday and my Blog Photo Challenge entry!

Thanks to Ms Arciel Caballero (Kuya Cyrus Rufino's fiance) for her camera.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

She's Now a Preggy Mom

This is "Milky" kuya Gideon's Japanese Spitz / Pitch pet. (Kuya Gideon a.k.a Gidz, is my Future Hubby's older brother.)

Milky is sick as its eyes shows, maybe its system haven't adopted yet to the changes that is happening to her; its first pregnancy. Hope soon she'll be well and may she'll gain back her strength, her energy, and her appetite. We're all excited to see her puppies in the future. :)

I would like to give credit to Sony Ericsson's Mini Experia x10 of kuya gidz for the photos.

This is my first entry for Wednesday Whites.

GOD's Generosity

God's Amazing Grace is a great proof of His generosity that He even gave his only begotten son to die for all our sins.

Thank God for my Word-filled Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ruby Red Debut Celebration

In the Middle is the debutante, from the left is her sister Abby and in the right is Yovel, a sis in Christ.


This was last Saturday, March 10, 2012 at Country Village Hotel. Our beloved sister in Christ; Sarah celebrates her 18th Birthday. Most likely, debutantes wore Pink gowns with pink motifs. But this debut celebration has a lively ruby red which made a great difference. :)

Gladly sharing a Ruby Red Celebration for my Ruby Tuesday & Blog Photo Challenge Entry.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mellow Yellow Engineering Thesis Days

It is so nice to see my classmates in college in this picture. This was during our Thesis preparation on our Fifth Year of our course Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering. That beautiful and lovely lady beside me is Ms. Cheryl Baguisa. It seemed that it was really planned that we were wearing a very distinctive Yellow blouses and post in front of the camera making our classmates as our background. (LOL... :)...)

It made me reminisced the tough and sweet memories I had with my classmates, friends and my best friend Jen during the Thesis defense. It was a very fulfilling experience that we successfully passed our Thesis and all subjects with pride. To God be all the glory!

Joyfully and gratefully sharing with you my MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY Engineering Daze and Blog Photo Challenge.... God bless you all friends!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He is Not a God of Division

It is so disappointing that divisions, malicious thinking, condemning and so much negative attitudes were caused by some fellow believers in Christ. They see their selves as "Holier than thou."

Remember, God is not a God of division.

Have a Word-Filled Wednesday! God Bless everyone!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Love held...

A rose on a palm.

A picture with great symbolism it represents.
It could be; someone’s love held by the one he/she loves, or a heart gently taken cared for, or someone raised from being fallen into the ground…or maybe you could share your own perception and heart about the picture.

Have a happy Ruby Tuesday!

My entry for Ruby Tuesday and Blog Photo Challenge

Striking Yellow Backdrop

Celebrating God's Faithfulness!

The photo clips were formed into Roman Numeral numbers XXV which is equivalent to number 25, symbolizes the 25th Anniversary of the Blessed Hope Christian Community Church, International(BHCCCI). The white tarp just told us about the event. And the preggy mommy Jackie Cagas-Paraiso; author of God Brought Me for a Reason blog and yours truly were excitingly having a pose in front of the Camera in celebration of the Big Event; BHCCCI's Silver Anniversary. All those just really matched with the yellow background of the wall.  All the colors and the accents just complemented with the bold yellow backdrop!


Smiling Sally

This is my entry for Yellow Mellow Monday, Blue Monday, and Blog Photo Challenge.
God bless everyone!