Sunday, June 30, 2013

Be One of Firmoo's Free Pair Giveaway Winners!


 Dear Friends and Partners, Firmoo’s generosity is unstoppable and is giving away free pairs of Firmoo’s world-class pairs of eye wear. Visit and see how awesome Firmoo is and how far they’ve come with their world-class quality eye glasses.

To join, please visit for your choice of eye wear to have. Tell us which pair you like, the code, color, cost, and the link. Just post or put your chosen pair as a comment on this page. Those who carefully and cautiously followed the above-mentioned procedure will be qualified to win Firmoo's grand prize and E-vouchers.

For example: C04, Black, $16,

Also, for new customers, Firmoo has a First Pair Free program. Try it yourself, your family and friends to test our products for free by paying shipping only!, To avail and register, just hit the link .

Just a Glimpse about Firmoo…

About Firmoo Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store. Furthermore, Firmoo has launched First Pair Free Program for new customers to test our products and service for free by paying shipping only.

Sunglasses & Eyeglasses You May like




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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Firmoo Free Glasses in June!

Hit Your Summer with Firmoo Free Glasses in June 


The most awaited part of the years- S-U-M-M-E-R has finally come. Aren't you excited to be in the beach, wear shorts, be tanned, be sweaty yet gorgeous and go to music festivals? Well I definitely am! What is summer without a new pair of eyewear? An easy remedy for this is to stop by and pick up a free pair of glasses so that you won't miss a moment this summer. New arrivals are part of the First-Pair-Free-Program. Now get yours fo FREE!

 + Looking for Retro Style Glasses? 

A retro glasses frame offering a quirky retro look. This eyewear with bold color and fashionable design will lighten up your summers. The rectangular lenses are surrounded by thin and sleek rims, extending out to metal stems. Spring hinges add extra comfort to wear. Find out your own and unique style.

+ Looking for Oversized Glasses? 

To be yourself and find your own way to show yourself! This eyewear with big conspicuous frame is so unique and attractive and they will let you stand out of the crowd. Oversized glasses are always your best choice for showing your star quality in the fashion trend.


+ Looking for Fashion Tinted Sunglasses? 

 These two pairs of retro-style sunglasses are somewhat different from traditional wraparound sunglasses I met before. It is of traditional frame shape with sunglasses lenses, which make you look more fashionable and elegant in this hot summer season.


Still have no idea about how to style your pairs? Check out a few ladies modeling their favorite Firmoo eye wear.
(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)

New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served! (Simply clicking "LUCKY DRAW" on this page, you may even get a totally free pair including shipping free.)

What are you waiting for?! Hurry now and avail your favorite pair for Free! For office, school, fashion, Firmoo answers and meets your eye wear need. Just simply hit this link Firmoo! for details.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

FIRMOO's Free First Pairs for New Customers!

Firmoo June Classic & Chic Models -Free for New Customers 

Hi guys! Firmoo has updated their New Arrivals for June. Moreover, they are available for Firmoo First-Pair-Free-Program. Now you may have the chance to get yours for FREE!

Oversize frame:

Oversized glasses have won wide following and endorsement from celebrities due to their flamboyant and bold impression. The large frames and sleek lenses make that superstar vibe instantly as you put them on. If you want to have a new look, oversized frames definitely worth a try.

 Rectangle frame: 

Rectangular glasses are the most common style you can see on the street. For a simple look, you can never go wrong with a pair of rectangular framed glasses. They are of traditional style, very charming. Sleek and slim rims outline a precise profile.

Vintage style: 

We are always fond of wearing stylish and chic glasses but we often ignore one particular type-vintage glass. Sometimes it's just so cool to go back in time and have a feel of what fashion was wayback. They are also the perfect way to complete your vintage outfit.
Nerdy style:

 A medium sized, round eye frame shows a charmingly studious look. If you want that geeky or school girl type of look, then take a look at the below nerdy style, though simple, these are very stylish and classic too. Still not sure that eyewear can be fashionable? Then check out how some of these fashionistas style them:


 (The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.) 

 New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served! (Simply clicking "LUCKY DRAW" on this page, you may even get a totally free pair including shipping free.)

What are you waiting for? Hurry! avail this First-Pair-Free-Program. Spoil yourself with your best choice, whether Oversize Frames, Rectangle Frame, Vintage Frame, and Nerdy Style. Male or Female fashionistas, you can avail this promo. No time to waste, visit FIRMOO now!

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