Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pour It All on Friday

Good day every one! Here’s my first meme.
I made this meme for all of us. This is where we can pour out and release all that we were feeling for the whole week. I am hoping that it can alleviate the heaviness of every heart from being depressed. Or share how God did great and awesome things in our lives to be able to survive the whole week. So let us start pouring our emotions and be relieved, be healed, and be freed. We can also share here our prayer requests.

I have been so down and lose the excitement in going to work. Starting from Monday until Thursday, I can really feel the burden of rushing through the deadlines of doing the necessary documents to support the procurement of different purchase requests in the university. It was so stressful and it really challenged the level of my patience. Adding up some matters that really affected my “to do” lists for the week. Being a secretary is really not an easy job or task. All communications must be screened and will pass through me. I have to absorb all the tensions especially if clients, suppliers, and end-users were already on fire and hot-tempered. Wisdom is really really needed to make wise and sound decisions, and only God whom I call and ask for wisdom. Must have to stay calm even callers and inquirers are not. I must have to pay respect even though they were the one wrong and they no longer treat me good. Can you just imagine a caller yelling at me immediately as I picked up and answered the phone? Whoa! What a great test of my attitude and character. But thank God, I was able to answer them calmly, respectfully, and clearly. Until such time, they realized that they were wrong and suddenly asked for an apology. God is really good!

I'm Made For You

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