Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful that I'm Blessed by God to Have Them!

I don't have a brother or a sister genetically or by blood but God blessed me with brothers and sisters by heart. Behind me is my fiance; Genesis together with his family.

Even though I'm having a great and challenging living as a career woman, I'm always thankful to the Great "I am" above. What makes it tough? Is that I'm reporting for duty in my new workplace for five weeks already, with a boss that has a great difference of character with my previous boss, and was really tough. Now, I'm still adjusting and adapting to his approach as a boss. Every minute, every moment I become more of an intercessor. Praying and interceding that everything in my work will flow smoothly and that my boss is in good and bright mood. However, by God's Grace I was able to face, stand and accomplish every task assigned to me with gladness and thankfulness.

But what makes me more so thankful to Him? Is that I have my family that supports and encourages me every time things and situations are not going well in my workplace. Plus an additional ["++"] inspiration and support given by my chubby Genesis' family; the Rufino's...

To God be all the Glory.

Gladly sharing my Thankful Thursday and my Blog Photo Challenge entry!

Thanks to Ms Arciel Caballero (Kuya Cyrus Rufino's fiance) for her camera.


Dhemz said...

wow! you are truly blessed...happy family..happy life!

thanks for joining BPC!

maricon dumaguing said...

Amen! Hi te Dhemz...Thanks much... GOD bless you all...

Emzkie said...

aw. lovely family. =)

from BPC

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Family members need not be blood related. In your case, you've got awesome extended family members! You're blessed! :)

BPC hop!