Thursday, April 4, 2013

BPC 94/365: On Board TransAsia 8 for Bohol

Finally it's Thursday, April 4, 2013! It's time to travel for Bohol for a month break and Summer Vacation. Hubby Genesis is already there ahead of me for business purposes together with his mentor and at the same time business partner and very close family friend, Manong Alvin G. La Victoria

With me on board in TransAsia 8 Vessel is Manong Alvin's beautiful wife; ate Elaine and their wonderful children Nux Hezekiah and Margaux Zurielle. My first travel to the Island of Bohol is so exciting and full of thrill. Our estimated time of departure is 7:00 p.m. however, I arrived at the port by 6:50P.M. though I was already set and ready as early as 5:00P.M. due to some instances and reasons.

Afraid to travel without me, Ate Elaine was worried already and planned to postponed our travel. But, thanks be to God for her and my hubby's prayer for I was able to catch the ship and did not forfeit our trip. The final call was already made, so I hurriedly get into the ship. Regardless of my heavy luggage, I was able to dash the ship from the departure area. As I went to our assigned bed/cottage, I excitedly searched for ate Elaine and kids. Finally, ate Elaine saw me and loudly mentioned my name "Cons!" together with the kids "Tita Cons!" and praising God I'm already on the ship! (If you only saw her face; It was indescribable and no words could express how "hapworried"; happy and worried she was.)Whew! what an experience! It was like an action movie being able to catch the final ride or undetonated or defused the bomb before it explodes on the set time. 

This is my entry for today's BPC!


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