Monday, March 25, 2013

A Once in a Lifetime Debut Celebration...

Lovely! Isn’t she?! With her unfading sweet and radiant smiles since her younger years until now, it makes her more beautiful. Flamboyant, intelligent, talented (has a beautiful voice, can dance and even can play different musical instruments), loving and friendly are some of her remarkable characteristics! That’s what makes the Debutante Ms. Precelnara Yecyec Rufino. 

 In addition, she loves fashion and design and we even both have dreams to run our own boutique or dress shop in cooperation with the rest of our sisters namely; Kristine Collin, Ivanne, Arciel and Aizel. We actually had our very own first enhanced-designed dress that she wore during their dance sports competition in the university she’s currently admitted to. I even acted as her “Stage Ate” since I’m the most immediate one available for now. 

To reveal a bit about her that makes us all miss her much when she’s away, aside from her sweet and loving acts, are her punch lines and bloopers (we look at it not as a negative side of her but a positive and constructive way of building her up. ;) No offense my dear little sis) 

As her sister in Christ and sister- in-law, we had so much time spent together (especially now she’s living with us with my hubby Genesis and their older brother Gideon). Cooking, shopping, doing household tasks, movie marathon, food trip, attending to her school events, going to the mall, watching movies in the big screen and many more fun and special activities are our bonding moments . I am so blessed to have a sister like her. Since I don’t have any sister or brother genetically, I am very much thankful to God that one of my packages of best gifts that He gave me is her; the instant sisterhood relationship we have that is worth treasuring. 

On her 18th Birthday, my hubby and I gladly made our unforgettable and personally designed tarpaulin gift for her. It is so sad to think that we can’t be with you during your debut celebration because we were committed to attend our church family camp. But I know, you are already mature enough to understand us right?  That is why we came up to make this post for you. Hope you will like it. We love you “Piglet Ping-ping”. May God bless you more abundantly and exceedingly.

 Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day.

Have a happy and Fun BCP!

 Love, Ate_Maricon

(Credits to google images that we included in the design.)


Adin B said...

What a beautiful young lady she is. Happy Happy Birthday and enjoy your new chapter of life. Beautiful! Thank you for linking up and hope to see you link up again for today's BPC.

Bless said...

Beautiful young lady! Happy birthday to her!

BPC hop!

maricon dumaguing said...

Thank you so much Adin and Bless! :) God bless you!

Emzkie said...

aw so sweet of you. im sure she understood why u guys cant go. thats what good friends are for.
happy bday to your friend!

BPC hop!