Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday - In Everything Give Thanks...

I was absent from my work yesterday because I have colds and cough. But then, I am so blessed because my chubby visited me (Genesis is his name, my future husband.. :)..). He Gave me a massage and laid his hands upon me and prayed over me. He told me that he love me so much and that I am really God's answer to his prayer. Even though I'm sick, I just felt better because God really blessed me with such wonderful person and a believer and servant of Christ. I am the only one saved in my family. But I have already shared Jesus to my parents. Every time my chubby and I prayed together, my parents witnessed it. I know that they felt blessed to see my chubby and I prayed, 'cause they've never done it together. It brought a great impact to them as a couple. I really praise God for everything that he has done in my life.And I know that He is going to do something great in my parents, in my family. I'll just have to wait for His perfect Will and timing.


Profile said...

Wow Maricon,

This is such a great account of God's faithfulness in your life. You are delightful. Keep your faith growing. You may likely bring your parents to Jesus.

Hope you are feeling better. Happy Thankful Thursday. Hugs, Lynn

maricon dumaguing said...

Thank you so much Ms Lynn. Amen! I'm feeling better now by God's grace.