Thursday, October 13, 2011

Civil Service Commission Career Exam Syndrome

Everyone here in our office were bothered about the coming Career Examination on October 16, 2011. It's the talk of the town. Just imagine the benefits and privileges you will get in a government agency if you are an illegible employee. High probability that you'll get promoted and candidate for a regular and permanent position. Plus, different benefits such as rice subsidy, health care, insurance and many more to mention.

Two of my colleagues are preparing for their exam. On noon breaks and off periods, they study and review in order to pass. They searched notes from the web and secure for a reviewer to evaluate, practice and assess their selves. Sometimes they are reviewing here in our office, we, who will not take the exam also helped them in answering some questions and choices that they read aloud. We had few discussions and gave our best answer to the choices given. And Ola! we have different ideas and answers. It made them more bewildered and panic. Anyway, hope you will pass the exam guys.You have our support and prayers.God bless you all.

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